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Chinese Herbs

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Traditional Chinese Medicine makes use of a number of herbs. In fact, there are about 500 different herbs that are used in Chinese herbal medicine today. These herbs are not generally recommended individually for ailments or weight loss. Instead, many herbs are combined together for treatment. It isn’t uncommon for there to be 25 different herbs used in one remedy, and this is true concerning Chinese herbs for weight loss as well.

Understanding the Basics of Chinese Herbs Used in TCM

In TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are classified and used based on the four natures, the five tastes, and the meridians. The four natures refer to yin and yang and include cold, cool, warm, and hot. Cold is yin to the extreme and hot is yang to the extreme.

The five tastes include sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and pungent. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that each of these different tastes has different functions. For example, an herb that has a sweet taste is thought to bring the bodily systems into harmony.

The meridians come into play in the use of herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine in that they each relate to an organ or organs within the human body. Each meridian has a relation to the four natures and the five tastes in terms of what herbs are needed to treat maladies that affect those organs.

10 Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

Herbs are generally mixed together to treat ailments, including weight loss in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While each of the herbs listed below [click to continue…]


Getting The Best Organic Chinese Herbs
That Are Within Your Budget Range

Organic Chinese herbs are hard to come by these days. Gone were the days when people have the luxury of buying organic Chinese herbs at cheap prices in their favorite stores and market places. With the current economic upheaval around the country, prices of organic Chinese herbs have soared up together with traditional Chinese herbs have sky-rocketed that most people can no longer afford to buy these types of herbs. If you happen to be one of those people who love to use organic Chinese herbs in your cooking, you better find ways to get these things at cheaper prices. To help you find organic Chinese herbs that are within your budget range, here are some things that you could do.

Buy In Bulk

If you have a restaurant and you want to use Chinese herbs for your food, you should buy these herbs in bulk. Most merchants give huge discounts to customers who buy herbs in bulk. However, the catch here is that some type of herbs has short shelf life. This means that you need to use these herbs within a specific period. To make sure that you do not end up with a lot of stale and useless herbs in your cupboard, you need to be extra careful when it comes to buying herbs in bulk. Check the shelf life of the herbs before you buy them. You should also read the instructions on how to store the herbs before you buy them. Remember that herbs that are properly stored last longer.

Plant Your Own Organic Chinese Herbs

The best way to beat the rising cost of organic Chinese herbs is to plant them yourself. No, it is not difficult to grow most types of herbs. Some types of herbs do not need intensive care and maintenance. If you happen to live in the country and you have a large backyard, you can grow your own organic Chinese herbs. This way, you can be sure that you will have all the herbs that you need for your cooking. You can even sell some of your herbs to friends, family members and relatives if you want.

On the other hand, if you happen to live in an apartment and you do not have access to the roof garden or the backyard, you can still grow some organic Chinese herbs in pots. Most types of Chinese herbs do not grow big so you can just plant them in small pots and place these pots near a window. With enough water and sunlight, your herbs will grow healthy.


Buying Chinese Herbs Online

by admin on October 21, 2009

Buying Chinese Herbs Online

With the increasing interest in medicinal herbs of all kinds, many Internet sites are springing up to take advantage of consumer demand. You can buy Chinese herbs online and do so safely, as long as you keep in mind some basic cautions. First of all, you should not discontinue or begin any type of medication without speaking with your physician or other trusted medical adviser. Second, since herbal remedies are usually marketed as dietary supplements, be aware that they are not subject to the same regulation and testing as over-the-counter or prescribed medications overseen by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that potency and purity can vary widely among manufacturers, and also that foreign substances may be present, to a greater or lesser degree, in your herbal mixture. If you notice any ill effects, discontinue use immediately and do not resume until you can verify that no harmful substances are present and that no adverse interactions are possible with other medications you may be taking.

Finding Online Sources for Chinese Herbs

A quick Internet search for Chinese herbs reveals a host of web sites advertising herbal supplements for everything from weight loss to menopause. Many of these formulations are based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which includes herbal remedies, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and other sub disciplines and techniques. Some of these herbal formulations have been in use for hundreds of years. Many of the online sites that offer Chinese herbs also promote other TCM techniques, such as those mentioned above, along with links to provide further information. Most sites, such as and also feature secure online ordering, shopping carts, and shipping, for a more convenient online shopping experience.

TCM, Balance, and Health

Traditional Chinese medicine views health as the state occurring when the body is in proper balance. This means that herbal remedies, like other TCM techniques, are approached with a view to restoring balance, rather than treating a particular condition or organ, as is more typical in Western medicine. For this reason, Chinese herbal remedies available online are most often found in combination’s intended to promote imbalances typically found in people with certain conditions. Thus, all weight loss formulations may not be made up of the same components, depending on the reason for the weight gain. Similarly, in the TCM view, headaches can be caused by a number of different types of imbalances, so the herbal remedy would change, depending on the reason for the imbalance.


Chinese Medicinal Herbs

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Chinese Medicinal Herbs: Healing Without Harm

A lot of people do not really know it but many of our modern day drugs actually come from Chinese medicinal herbs. Drugs that are used to treat hay fever and asthma and those that are used to stimulate the immune system are mostly derived from Chinese medicinal herbs. Herbs like ginseng, dong quai, cinnamon, ginger, licorice and the others are some of the most popular Chinese medicinal herbs that are still being used as ingredients of many modern day drugs. To give us some idea of what some Chinese medicinal herbs can do to keep us healthy, here are some of the most popular Chinese medical herbs and their uses.

The Ginseng Plant

Many of us have heard a lot of things about the ginseng plant. This quite understandable considering that the ginseng plant has been one of the leading Chinese healing herbs for many generations. The ginseng has been used by the Chinese people as medicinal herb for over two thousand years. According to experts, this Chinese medicinal herb helps boost energy and reduce stress. Many Chinese drink ginseng tea to promote overall good health. A lot of spas and wellness clinics around the United States offer ginseng tea to their clients as part of their treatment. On the other hand, many people all over the world use this Chinese medicinal herb to cure coughs, fevers and constipation. A good number of pharmaceutical companies also use the ginseng ingredient for certain types of drugs.

The Dong Quai

The Dong Quai is often referred to as the female ginseng in Chinese literature. This type of aromatic Chinese medicinal herb are said to be good for regulating the menstrual cycle of women and help curve discomforts during the menopausal stage. Studies show that the dong quai helps stimulate the central nervous system and relieve headaches during menstruation. It can also help the muscle tissue to relax thus preventing cramps. Many women from all over the world rely on the dong quai to help them feel more comfortable during their menstrual period.

The Cinnamon

Many of us think of cinnamon as a cooking ingredient. However, cinnamon has other usages other than making our cooking taste better. The cinnamon, also known as gui zhi to the Chinese, is well known for its ability to reduce allergic reaction. For many centuries, people use this Chinese medicinal herb to curve allergic reactions to insect bites, certain types of food and others. At present, many pharmaceutical companies still use the gui zhi as one of the ingredients for anti allergy drugs.


Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

by admin on October 21, 2009

Using Chinese Herbs for Weight Loss

You can get quite a bit of information about Chinese herbs online, especially if you are considering the use of Chinese herbs to promote weight loss. In recent years, herbal remedies, including those typically used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), have become increasingly popular with those who are seeking non-pharmaceutical treatments for various ailments, including the need to lose weight. Chinese herbs for weight loss generally fall into two categories: those intended to improve digestion (resulting in the need for less food intake), and those intended to reduce appetite.

As with any new medicine or dietary supplement, you should exercise caution until you know how the substance affects you. You should also be careful if you are dealing with a new source for your herbs; since most herbal remedies are marketed as dietary supplements, they are not subject to the same testing for side effects and purity that pharmaceuticals regulated by the FDA are. Potency and purity can vary widely among different manufacturers.

Food Attitudes

It has been noted that the Chinese population is generally less prone to being overweight than the American population. However, Chinese people enjoy food, have diversified diets, talk about food, and spend a lot of time cooking and eating?just like Americans. So, why the difference in the populations?

Some have suggested that it may be partly due to the different attitudes Chinese people have toward their food. They concentrate on their food while eating, noting the taste, texture, and aroma. Thus, they derive maximum enjoyment from even a simple meal, which helps increase the body’s awareness of the food and promotes feelings of satisfaction without the need for as much food intake.

Many Americans, on the other hand, rush through meals, barely noticing what they’re putting in their mouths. This can result in poor digestion and a delayed sense of fullness, causing greater-than-necessary food intake, and leading to an overweight condition. So, one important step you can take, even before you begin using Chinese herbs or anything else for weight loss, is to gain a healthier relationship with your food, including the way you think about it.

Types of Chinese Weight Loss Herbs

As mentioned above, several popular Chinese herbs promote weight loss by aiding the digestive process. These compounds are promoted either for their ability to improve digestion of certain dietary components?fats, proteins, or carbohydrates?or to generally promote the body’s digestive processes by aiding peristalsis (the movement of food along the digestive tract). Other mixtures work as appetite suppressants by stimulating the full response earlier.


Chinese Herbs: Why We Should Switch To Alternative Medicine

Many people around the world rely on Chinese herbs to cure different types of diseases. Although many skeptics argue that using Chinese herbs to cure certain types of diseases is not practical especially, many people still believe that using herbs is a lot better than using pharmaceutical drugs. If you are one of those people who are yet to decide whether or not you should use Chinese medicinal herbs to cure some types of ailments, here are some points that may convince you to make that switch from pharmaceutical drugs to herbal medicine.

Effects and Side Effects

Pharmaceutical products are mostly made of synthetic ingredients that are manufactured in the laboratory. Although these synthetic ingredients may be able to cure certain types of diseases, there is no guarantee that it will not have any negative impact on the body as well. It cannot be denied that all types of pharmaceutical drugs have side effects. Some types of pharmaceutical products may not have some serious side effects on the body but just the same, they can have some slight negative effects on the body especially when taken on a prolonged period of time. Studies show that people who have been exposed to some types of drugs for a long period of time often suffer from certain types of disorders including abdominal disorders, nerve disorders, weakened immune system and the likes.

On the other hand, Chinese herbs come from natural sources and have been proven to effective for many generations. Most of the Chinese herbs that are sold in the market today have been used by the Chinese people since the 1st century Han Dynasty. Although some of these Chinese herbs are said to be poisonous when taken in great amounts, most of these herbs are beneficial to the body. According to experts, most types of Chinese herbs do not have any know side effects. Most people who taken certain types of Chinese herbs regularly do not complain of any negative changes in their body.


Most pharmaceutical products are considerably more expensive that certain types of Chinese herbs. If you happen to live in the countryside and you have plenty of space to plant herbs, you can grow your own Chinese herbs. This means that you have ready access to fresh herbs anytime and at a minimal cost at that. On the other hand, if you happen to live in the city and you have no place to grow your own herbs, you can always buy some herbs in the market.